University Master's Degree in Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

Prepares you as a professional in interventions and research in the psychology of sport. With 30 years of experience, this is the most prestigious professionalising master's degree offered in Spanish

Content Official Master's Degree in Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

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Master description

The master’s degree proposed consists of 90 credits (ECTS) of content divided over three academic semesters. The 90 ECTS are specifically related to assessment, intervention and research in the field of Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. Of the 90 ECTS, 66 are structured in 9 modules of obligatory credits (four of 9 ECTS and five of 6 ECTS), in addition to 9 ECTS of obligatory external practice and 15 ECTS corresponding to the master’s thesis.

Modules per semester

Teaching timetable

Schedule course 2023-2024

Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 66
Master Thesis 12
External Practicum 12





Subject Credits Type
First year    
Applying Assessment Instruments and Intervention Techniques in Sport and Exercise Psychology 9 OB
Counseling and Psychological Training Techniques for Atheletes 6 OB
Initiation to a Sport: Counselling for Families and Coaches 9 OB
Methodology and Techniques of Assessment in Sport Psychology 6 OB
Physical Exercise and Healthy Lifestyles 6 OB
Physiological, Psychological, Pedagogical and Social Principles of Physical Exercise and Sport 9 OB
Psychological Training in Specific Sports 9 OB
Research Strategies in Sport and Exercise Psychology 6 OB
Second year    
Master's Dissertation 12 OB
Outside Internships in Sport and Exercise psychology 12 OB
Professional Experiences in Sport and Exercise Psychology 6 OB



OB: Compulsory