University Master's Degree in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a strategic science essential to understanding the ever increasing avalanche of biological data.

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Master description

The master's degree in Bioinformatics is a 60-ECTS master's degree taught over one academic year. The syllabus consists of seven teaching modules: all the theoretical modules will be completed in the first semester; professional placements and the master's degree dissertation are carried out in the second semester.

There are two obligatory modules: (1) Programming in Bioinformatics (6 ECTS credits), which aims to enable students to understand the computer programming tools and languages commonly used in bioinformatics, and to learn how to use these; and (2) Core Bioinformatics (12 ECTS credits), which focuses on the application of bioinformatic methods and analysis in Omic research projects.

The optional modules, in contrast, allow students to focus their studies on the development of those areas of bioinformatics in which they are most interested and may eventually wish to work in at a professional level. Students are required to choose an optional module (12 ECTS credits) from the following: (3) Genomics, (4) Structure and Function of Proteins and Drug Design, and (5) High-Performance Computation and Big-Data Analysis.

Finally, in the second semester, modules (6) Professional Placements (15 ECTS credits) and (7) Master's Degree Dissertation (15 ECTS credits) are carried out. In this last phase, students select a research centre or company in which to carry out their placement.

Teaching timetable

Lecture Rooms Masters

Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 18
Optional 12
Master Thesis 15
External Practicum 15





Subject Credits Type
Core Bioinformatics 12 OB
Master Thesis 15 OB
Professional Practice 15 OB
Programming in Bioinformatics 6 OB
Genomics 12 OT
High Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics 12 OT
Structure and Function of Proteins and Drug Design 12 OT



OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional