University Master's Degree in Management of Human Resources in Organisations

In an increasingly globalised society, in which innovation and the ability to adapt to change are key aptitudes, fostering learnability is essential to future professional success

Content Official Master's Degree in Management of Human Resources in Organisations

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Study guides

Master description

The course structure is one of 12 Modules, distributed equally between the first and second semester. Seven Modules are compulsory, four are optional and the remaining module is devoted to the master's dissertation. ECTS are distributed uniformly between the modules; each module comprises six ECTS. Each module emphasises one of the following areas: (a) the conceptual fundamentals or contextual conditioning factors in the HR function, (b) patterns, systems and procedures for technical and practical approaches, or (c) deployment and decision making The optional modules are intended to provide specific contents in the legal and economic sphere and the psycho-social sphere, and a practical approach to current issues in HR management.

Teaching timetable

First and second semester schedules course 2023-2024

Study plan structure

Type Credits
Compulsory 42
Optional 12
Master's dissertation 6


Subject Credits Type
Tools to Manage People 6 COMPULSORY
People Management Models 6 COMPULSORY
Processes 1. Workplace, Salary and Planning 6 COMPULSORY
Processes 2. Induction and Severance 6 COMPULSORY
Processes 3. Training, Development and Performance 6 COMPULSORY
Processes 4. Communication, Culture and Climate in the Organisation 6 COMPULSORY
Master's dissertation 6 COMPULSORY
Working in HR: Characterising a Professional Area 6 COMPULSORY
Legal and Economic Aspects of HR Management 6 Optional*
Critical Psycho-Social Aspects of HR Management 6 Optional*
Professional Experiences: Consolidated and Emerging Areas through Real Cases 6 OPTIONAL**
Professional Practices: the Role of the HR Specialist 6 OPTIONAL**

* Optional, 6 credits must be taken
** Optional, 6 credits must be taken