Content Official Master's Degree in Research in Clinical Psychology and Health

Ideal student profile

This master’s degree is aimed mainly at those with a university degree in Psychology who wish to train as highly qualified researchers. Those holding a degree in Medicine, Nursing, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Educational Psychology, Education Sciences and other similar degree courses in the area of Health Sciences and Biosciences may also be admitted, after prior acceptance by those in charge of the programme.
They must have a capacity for innovation, organization, planning, communication, and interdisciplinary team work.
Knowledge of English at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Council is also required.

Basic skills

  • Use acquired knowledge as a basis for originality in the application of ideas, often in a research context.
  • Solve problems in new or little-known situations within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to the field of study.
  • Integrate knowledge and use it to make judgements in complex situations, with incomplete information, while keeping in mind social and ethical responsibilities.
  • Communicate and justify conclusions clearly and unambiguously to both specialised and non-specialised audiences.
  • Continue the learning process, to a large extent autonomously.

Specific skills

  • Analyze critically the most current theories, models and methods of psychological research in the field of clinical and health psychology
  • Pose relevant and new research questions in clinical and health psychology depending on the bibliography consulted.
  • Design,plan and to implement projects psychological research project in the area of clinical and health psychology.
  • Select adequate instruments of psychological assessment for the objectives of a research project in clinical and health psychology in different fields: medical or other
  • Analyze data and interpret results on research in clinical and health psychology.
  • Discuss the results the results on clinical and health psychology research, and contrast them with existing scientific literature and draw conclusions and practical applications.

Cross-curricular skills

  • Master skills and means necessary for group work and multidisciplinar group work.
  • Search for information in scientific literature using appropriate channels and integrate such information to propose and contextualize a research topic.
  • Use scientific terminology to argue the results of research in the context of scientific production, to understand and interact effectively with other professionals.
  • Apply the outstanding ethical principles and act accordingly to the deontological code for the profession in the scientific research practice.