Content Official Master's Degree in Research in Clinical Psychology and Health

Study guides

Master description

The master’s degree proposed comprises 60 content credits (ECTS) specifically related to research in the field of Clinical and Health Psychology, of which 18 ECTS are obligatory and 12 ECTS correspond to the master’s thesis.
The other 30 ECTS credits include specific optional research modules in Clinical and Health Psychology and in Research Methodology. Depending on students’ interests, the coordinators of the master’s degree may advise in tutorials prior to enrolment on such optional subjects.

Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 18
Optional 30
Master Thesis 12


Module Credits Type
Master's Dissertation 12 OB
Methodology of Applied Research in Clinical and Health Psychology 9 OB
Research Practicum in Clinical and Health Psychology 9 OB
Analysis Models in Clinical and Health Psychology Research 6 OT
Applied Research in Mental Disorders 6 OT
Developmental Psychopathology: from Childhood to Adulthood 6 OT
Integrated Approach to the Origin of Mental Disorders: Biology, Person and Environment 6 OT
Lifestyles and Health 6 OT
Psychooncology and Palliative Care 6 OT
Questionnaire Analysis and Adaptation 6 OT
Stress, Coping and Health 6 OT


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional