University Master's Degree in Computer Vision

Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence? Would you like to be able to use the Deep Learning techniques that disrupted the field in the last years? Do you want to become a Computer Vision expert? This master offer this to you … and much more

Content Official Master's Degree in Computer Vision

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K01 Identify all the necessary components required by a vision system to solve a problem.
K02 Know how to select the best algorithms for use with each of the components defined to solve a problem of vision.
K03 Know how to provide adequate modelling to resolve any part of a problem of vision.
K04 Recognise the ethical, economic, legal, gender and environmental dimensions of the application of systems of vision.
K05 Know how to construct a state of the art question on the resolution of a problem of vision.


S01 Apply mathematical techniques which allow a problem of vision to be solved and evaluate the results of the all the components.
S02 Select the best software tools to code techniques that allow a specific problem of vision to be solved.
S03 Construct the best data sets that allow the use of architectures that can solve a specific problem of vision.
S04 Estimate the environmental or discriminatory effects can could derive from experiments or data used is the systems being worked on.
S05 Prepare a document that describes the resolves of a vision project in full.
S06 Defend by means of an oral presentation the result of a vision project.
S07 Determine the most appropriate process of technological transfer for innovation in a project of vision.


C01 Design all the components of a complete system of vision by computer in any real context that may occur.
C02 Plan to carry out, evaluate and disseminate the solution to a real problem of computer vision.
C03 Predict and solve the problems deriving from team work in different situations.