University Master's Degree in Translational Research in Physiotherapy

The master's degree was created to meet the need of greater development in scientific knowledge in the field of Physiotherapy, based on the approaches of Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (EBP)

Content Official Master's Degree in Translational Research in Physiotherapy

Master's dissertation

The Master's Dissertation is one of the subjects included in this syllabus and its objective is to evaluate the assimilation of knowledge received and competences acquired by students.

This compulsory subject is worth 15 ECTS credits (375 workload hours) and consists in the presentation of a research project based on a translational approach, focused on objectives, preferably related to the optional unit the student has chosen to study.

The students will be assigned an academic tutor while working on the Master's dissertation, to guide their work and monitor their progress throughout.

The Master's dissertation will be assessed by a panel of lecturers on the programme and defended by the student in an open session.