Official master's degree in Advanced English Studies

This programme will expand your knowledge of the English language, how to acquire and use it, as well as of its cultures and literatures, in an international and multilingual environment

Admission Official Master's Degree in Advanced English Studies

General calendar

From 1 February to 3 October 2022.
Each centre establishes its pre-registration periods within these dates, which may also vary.
Please check the master's degree admission dates in the specific section entitled “Teaching centre's admissions calendar".

Teaching centre's admissions calendar

There are four admission periods:

· Period 1: 1st February – 31st March

Notification: 16th April

· Period 2: 1st April – 15th May

Notification: 1st June

· Period 3: 15th May – 15th June

Notification: 1st July

· Period 4: 15th June – 15th July

Notification: 27th July

· Additional period: 15th July – 9th September

Notification: 16th September

Please note that, after 15th July, only applications that do not require a visa will be considered