Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (affiliated centre)

A humane and science-based training with the right skills to evaluate, identify, act and assess the health and treatment needs for healthy and ill patients

General information

This bachelor's degree offers general training in nursing with all the skills needed to identify, act and assess the health and treatment needs of people, by offering health promotion and disease prevention strategies and the tools needed to accompany in making death as dignified as possible.

Why enrol in nursing studies at the Sant Pau Nursing School University (EUI Sant Pau)? Because it has over fifty years of experience and the focus of the school is always the person, its main lines are teaching, research and outreach, its commitment to quality, its clinical practices model and its nurse/student ratio:

  • Personalised attention to students in the organisation of teaching and teamwork.
  • Maximum quality in the learning process: not only as a right of the student, but especially as a responsibility towards society.
  • Work placements from less to more compelxity and directly related to the specific skills acquired in the subjects, in hospitals, primary healthcare centres, geriatric and social-health centres.
  • Each student is assigned a nurse who, in addition to lecturing, will be in charge of monitoring a group of students (5 to 10 students per group and lecturer).

Career options

Graduates of this degree are equipped to work as general-practice nurses, in any sector of the profession:
- Service sector: primary care centres, hospitals, social health centres, occupational risk prevention services, emergency units and transport.
- Healthcare sector
- Teaching sector: health education for patients, school centres, teaching to vocational training and university students.
- Management sector: with specific training and experience in the field, you will be prepared to take on management posts in different nursing sectors.
- Research sector: participation in research groups and PhD theses.

Mobility programmes

Professional training


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