Bachelor's Degree in Law

A combination of personalised and practical training which will be a guarantee for your future. Fifty years of social commitment, internationality and the highest rate of job placement within Catalonia's public system 

General information

  • Faculty of Law
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 200
  • Admission mark: 9,666
  • Price per credit: 17.69 euros.
  • Language: Catala, Spanish and English.

  • Calendars
  • Learning mode: Face-to-face learning
Bachelor's Degree in Law
This degree is for you if you:

Are committed to defending human rights and freedom and want justice to prevail.

Are interested in social issues.

Like critical thinking backed by reasoning, arguments and evidence.

Work well in teams and are good at communicating with people.

Like defending the rights of people and businesses within a courtroom.

Want to serve the public.

Like public institutions.

Like working in a business environment offering legal assistance.

Are interested in international affairs, working in the European Union or other international organisations.

Career options

Law graduates are entitled to practise Law, as lawyers or as court procurators. There are many different career paths within the legal profession: freelancing or in paid employment, in consultancies, administrative agencies, private companies, credit entities, insurance companies, etc. The Faculty of Law offers its graduates the possibility of taking the master's degree in The Legal Profession.

Other legal sectors related to public administration tasks can include:

  • international organisations such as United Nations, European Council or other supranational entities such as the European Union;
  • on a national level, the administration of justice (judges, prosecutors, court clerks), the diplomatic service or other areas such as notary firms, or property and company registries; parliamentary legal officers, state counsel, or government inspectors (internal revenues, employment etc. );
  • Career civil servant posts in autonomous community departments and legal services or as lawyers working in the parliaments of autonomous communities.
  • Public administration posts in regional, state and international organisations.


Mobility programmes

Professional training


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