Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science + Bachelor's Degree in Geology

High level and high quality training offered by an innovative and cross-curricular study plan combining experimental and social sciences with an emphasis on practical hands-on learning on the field and in the laboratory

General information

  • Faculty of Science
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 5 courses - 345 credits
  • Places: 30
  • Admission mark: 9,063
  • Price per credit: 18.46 Euros
  • Language: Catalan, Spanish and English.
  • Academic calendar
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning.
 Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science + Bachelor's Degree in Geology

Are you a field scientist and strong defender of the environment? These studies are aimed at providing future professionals with the skills needed to face the scientific, technological and academic challenges of human development and its effects on the Earth's system through a multidisciplinary, holistic approach and with a strong presence on the field. The objective is to use the planet's resources in a sustainable way to improve its inhabitants' living conditions.

By choosing this double degree, you will receive two diplomas in environmental science and in Geology.

The bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Geology lasts five years (342 ECTS credits). During the first three years, it combines subjects from both degrees. After the 3rd year, you can choose a specialisation by enrolling in 22 optional subject credits. Thus, 12 optional credits in environmental science are taken in the 3rd and 4th years, and 10 optional credits in geology are taken, 6 in your 4th year and 4 in your 5th year. This degree contains many hours of fieldwork and laboratory sessions and in the interpreting of geological maps. The degree also contains an optional work placement programme (optional in environmental science) and a mandatory one in geology. It also offers a double exchange programme with a large number of prestigious universities in both environmental science and in geology. In your 5th year, you will focus on two final degree projects (12 credits in environmental science and 6 credits in geology).

Career options

Career options include working as environmental scientists or geologists, as well as jobs combining the two, and our graduates are particularly competent in the following areas:

  • Prevention, analysis, control and treatment of pollution.
  • Geotechnics applied to civil engineering and environmental planning.
  • Development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency:
  • Managing protected natural areas
  • Environmental impact assessment and auditing.
  • Regional organisation and strategic planning.
  • Restoration of polluted zones.
  • Environmental and geological risk prevention
  • Geological consultancy and environmental management.
  • Exploration, exploitation and management of mineral, energy, water and forest resources.
  • Management of waste collection points and waste recycling.
  • Geological and geographic mapping.
  • Teaching in secondary and higher education.
  • Environmental and scientific education and communication.
  • Mediation in environmental and geological conflicts.
  • Research.


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