Bachelor's Degree in Engineering in Industrial Organisation

You will become a professional engineer responsible for the operations of an industrial business (production, logistics, purchases) with a solid foundation in technology and a high level of expertise in business administration

General information

This bachelor's degree prepares you to design, develop, implement and improve integrated systems which include people, materials, information, equipment and energy in a way that is in keeping with the business strategy and based on efficiency and sustainability criteria. You will have an advanced vision of the relationship between engineering and management, planning, administration, control, research and organisation of services, and will also be able to integrate these management systems in different technological environments. The training you receive in this bachelor's degree will permit you to consolidate the tradition of engineering in the industrial area with the new paradigm represented by the industry 4.0.

The Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià (EUSS) will accompany you on your journey toward becoming an engineer through our «Engineering by doing» method, which is based on learning by acquiring competences and applied in accordance with the most suitable teaching methods, and in which project-based tasks and and work placements are an essential part of the degree.


Career options

Some career options include:

  • Manufacturig manager; quality, environmental and prevention manager; procurement manager; continuous improvement and process manager; and junior consultant.
  • In the long term, according to each graduate's academic and professional career, senior positions such as industrial administrator, innovations director, production director, systems administrator, head of research in tech centres, etc. are also posts that can be occupied by graduates of this degree


Mobility programmes

Professional training

Work placement timetables

The practice schedule is fully integrated in the academic schedule.


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