Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary History, Politics and Economics

This bachelor's degree trains students in the challenges of the contemporary global world, from the 1930s onwards, and provides them with comprehensive professional skills in history, political science, sociology and economics in a unique degree

General information

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 60
  • Admission mark: 8,873
  • Price per credit: 17.69 euros
  • Language:  English (80%), Spanish (15%) and Catalan (5%)

  • Academic calendar
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning
Contemporary History, Politics and Economics

This bachelor's degree is taught in a balanced way between the faculties of Arts & Humanities, Political Science and Sociology, and Economics and Business Studies. The interdisciplinarity and transversality of the contents are the main values ​​of a degree that aims to prepare versatile people, with a great capacity for analysis and with a global and multifaceted vision of the socio-political and economic problems of the contemporary world. The degree provides graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to analyse and propose solutions to political issues and their economic consequences in a given historical setting.

This bachelor's degree is for you if...

  • You believe that the complex problems of today’s world need professionals capable of conducting multidisciplinary analyses.
  • You feel passionate about current events and would like to see in the media more comprehensive visions based on historical, economic, political and social knowledge.
  • You think that a multidisciplinary perspective helps to face the challenges of today's society and to propose solutions.
  • You have a discursive spirit; you like to argue, discuss, and defend your opinions, and you have no trouble accepting opposing analyzes.
  • You are a thoughtful, critical and analytical person.
  • You have a knowledge of English that allows you to take 80% of the subjects in this language.
  • You are thinking of a degree that will allow you international mobility.

Career options

  • Public administration and governmental agencies.
  • Chambers of commerce, business organisations and trade unions.
  • International organisations (European Parliament, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund).
  • Non-governmental organisations.
  • Consultancies working with economics, geopolitical analysis, transparency and democratic quality.
  • Consultancies associated with providing visual support to large research projects (Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, Science Foundation).
  • Communication media and international news agencies.
  • Education centres.
  • Research centres.

Mobility programmes


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