Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (affiliated centre)

This bachelor's degree provides you with a humane and science-based training with the right skills needed to evaluate, identify, act and assess each person's health and treatment needs and act accordingly

The bachelor's degree prepares students to offer health promotion and disease prevention strategies and to conduct activities which contribute to healing people and offering the treatments needed to provide patients with a dignified death. Within the health system, nursing professionals share with other health professionals the taks of planning, organising, managing and evaluating the healthcare system.

In addition, you will be given the chance to specialise in one of these nursing areas: Community Health Actions or Nursing in Specific Areas.

The School of Nursing and Occupational Therapy Terrassa has a long teaching tradition in nursing studies and worls closely with leading local and international hospital centres.

The school has been awarded the AQU Catalunya seal of approval.

Career options

Graduates of this degree are equipped to work as general-practice nurses, in any sector of the profession.
The main areas of employment for graduates are:

Hospitals and clinics.
Primary care centres
Health departments in private companies.
Freelance nursing, mainly in the home care sector.
Social health centres and care homes for the elderly.
Rehabilitation centres.
Nursery schools.
Health insurance companies.
Health promotion programmes.
Medical emergency services.
Nursing management.

Other employment sectors are in the nursing specialisations undertaken through the residency track.

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Mobility programmes

Professional training


AQU Catalunya quality seal of the   Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (affiliated centre)