Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (affiliated centre)

Study guides

Title of qualification awarded



Mornings (8 am to 2:30 pm) or afternoons (3 to 9 pm).

Table of credits for each course


  Basic training Compulsory Optional Bachelor's Degree
Final Project
1st year 48 12    
2nd year 12 48    
3rd year   60    
4th year   27 24 9
Totals 60 147 24 9


Period of study

Annual registration. Year-long and single-semester subjects are combined.

Part-time or full-time

Full-time and part-time


Specialisation in Community Health Actions
Specialisation in Nursing in Specific Areas

Basic and compulsory training

1st year 2nd year
- Structure of the Human Body
- Culture, Society and Health
- Psychosocial Sciences
- Diagnostic Imaging and Function of the Human Body I
- Scientific Methodology and Biostatistics
- Function of the Human Body II (year-long)
- Ethical and Methodological Bases of Nursing
- Nutrition
- Communication and ICT
- Evolution of Care and Thinking in Nursing 
- Therapeutic Communication
- Pharmacology
- Management and Quality of Nursing Services
- Adult Nursing Care I
- Practicum I
- Health Education
- Public Health
- Simulation I
- Family and Community Nursing
- Practicum II
3rd year 4th year
- Nursing Care during the Ageing Process
- Nursing of Children, Adolescents and Women
- Nursing in Complex Situations
- Practicum III (year-long)
- Adult Nursing Care II
- Practicum IV (year-long)
- Nursing Care in Mental Health (year-long)
- Practicum V
- Practicum VI (year-long)
- Practicum VII (year-long)
- Simulation II (year-long)
- Bachelor's Degree Final Project (year-long)

Some subjects can be officially recognised in the case of students coming from the CFGS in Dietetics and the CFGS in Environmental Health.
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Optional subjects

4th year
In order to earn a specialisation you must complete a minimum of 24 credits belonging to that track.
Specialisation in Community Nursing Specialisation in Nursing for Accidents and Emergencies
- Cooperation and Care in Emergencies and Catastrophes /3
- Nursing Care in Chronicity Processes / 3
- Nursing Care for Addictions / 3
- Research Methodology in Health Sciences / 3
- External Work Placement in Community Nursing / 12 (*)
- Nursing Care in Critical Situations / 3
- Nursing for Outpatient Accidents and Emergencies / 3
- Cooperation and Care in Emergencies and Catastrophes / 3
- Research Methodology in Health Sciences / 3
- Work Placement in Nursing Care for Accidents and Emergencies / 12 (*)

(*) Compulsory within the specialisation. If you do not enrol in a specialisation, you must take at least one of the external work placement subjects.