Bachelor's Degree in Bioinformatics - UAB/UPF/UB/UPC

As from the 2024-2025 academic year, first-year places for these studies will no longer be offered because we are replacing this degree with the new degree in Bioinformatics

General information

Researchers and professionals in the field of biomedicine and other areas of life sciences often find themsleves with an overload of data proceeding from a variety of different devices. The capacity to process, visualise and analyse this large amount of data offers unique opportunities to improve our knowledge of biology and to continue to advance in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and the food industry.

The main challenge faced by professionals in this field is to convert all these new discoveries into improvements in health, more efficient healthcare and a greater economic and social progress for society.

The bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics combines skills in mathematics, computational modelling and biology with an interdisciplinary approach and special attention to biomedical applications. You will receive an integrated training based on knowledge, values and skills.

As a student of this degree, you must have a solid foundation in science, good logical thinking skills, ability to apply abstract models and be good at observing, paying attention and concentrating. You must also be creative, imaginative and have an interest in the life sciences and medicine.

Career options

Given that bioinformatics is a scientific and technological field combining computer sciences and life sciences, as a graduate of this degree you will be able to work in different professional areas:

- Biomedicine: integration of omics and clinical data in order to progress in precision medicine in hospitals and biobanks.

- Biology: Bioscience: processing and interpreting omics data to improve animal and plant genetics.

- Pharmacology: management and analysis of chemical, pharmacological, toxicological and clinical data throughout the process of discovering, developing and using new drugs.

- Bioinformatics.

- Programming.

- Data Analysis.

- Quality Control.

- In R&D departments belonging to universities and companies.


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