Grau en Economia

You will receive the best training available: a bachelor's degree with an AQU seal of excellence and at the top of all rankings, with internationally renowned lecturers and a unique university campus

The bachelor's degree focuses on the study of societies and how they make decisions on available resources when presented with different alternatives, in order to reach objectives proposed regarding economic growth, inflation, unemployment, distribution of funds, revenue and expenditure, poverty, etc., and in the evaluation of results of the different policies proposed.

You will enrol in an intensive learning programme in technical matters such as mathematics, statistics and econometry, and the knowledge you obtain will allow you to make more appropriate decisions in the fields of both public organisations and private businesses.

During your last academic year, you will be able to choose a specific itinerary (specialisation) which will help you specialise in the area in which you are most interested. You will also be able to take classes in English, participate in exchange programmes with universities abroad and work placements in companies. Transitioning into the labour market is facilitated through workshops and presentations by different enterprises.

You will receive a very solid training: an AQU seal of excellence with a mention for internationalisation and in the top positions of all rankings, with lecturers who publish in prestigious journals and a unique university campus.

The labour market entry survey shows that within two years of graduating from the degree a total of 95.3% of students have found work (2017 AQU data).

Career options

Els graduats en Economia es caracteritzen per la varietat de perfils professionals als que poden optar. El grau proporciona als estudiants una formació que els permet treballar tant en el sector públic com en el sector privat, i en un ampli ventall d'àmbits que inclou tant l'economia financera com l'economia social.

Els nostres graduats troben feina en administracions públiques, com ara ajuntaments, conselleries, institucions estatals o europees; en empreses tant privades com  públiques, dins del món de les finances, del sector bancari o en qualsevol sector productiu; en organismes reguladors tant nacionals com internacionals i en serveis d'estudis i de recerca.

Dins d'aquestes institucions, els graduats en Economia poden treballar com analistes econòmics, analistes financers, consultors, auditors, analistes de dades o dissenyadors i avaluadors tant de polítiques públiques com d'estratègies empresarials, entre molts d'altres.

La formació obtinguda en aquest grau prepara també a l'estudiant perquè pugui seguir amb èxit estudis de màster de qualitat en qualsevol de les àrees d'especialització del seu interès.

Mobility programmes

Professional training