General information

  • Faculty of Science
  • Duration: 6 years courses - 379,5 credits
  • Price per credit: 19.94 Euros
  • Language: Catalan, Spanish and English

  • null
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning

Career options

The main areas of employment for graduates are:

  • Management of IT Projects
  • Applications Analyst
  • Advanced Applications Programmer
  • Advanced Systems Administrator
  • IT Consultant in both technical and strategical issues
  • Computer auditing
  • Teaching
  • Financial and insurance institutions (assessment of derivatives, risk coverage, etc.)
  • Scientific/technical and IT consultancy services (optimisation of processes, communication networks, numerical methods, coding, cryptography, etc.)
  • Statistics (quality control, exploratory analysis of data, etc.)
  • Interdisciplinary research and development teams (R&D)

Mobility programmes