Admission Bachelor's Degree in Education Studies

Course access

Students wishing to take this course have different access routes, depending on their previous studies:

Type of access Preference of access Admission mark 24/25
Secondary school diploma + University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training)(*) Weighted subjects pertaining to the PAU specific phase:
  • Musical Analysis (0.1)
  • Scenic Arts (0.1)
  • General Sciences (0.2)
  • Company Dynamics and Business Models (0.1)
  • Geography (0.2)
  • History of Music and Dance (0.1)
  • Dramatic Literature (0.1)
  • Greek Language and Culture (0.2)
  • Latin Language and Culture (0.2)
  • Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences (0.2)
  • Mathematics (0.2)

Only for those taking the exam in 2022 and 2023:

  • Audiovisual Culture (0.1)
  • History of Philosophy (0.2)
University access for people over 25 Social Sciences and Law option 5.000
Others Employment record for people over 40


Entrance exams for people over 45 ---
Degree holders ---
Change of studies and validations  

(*) Official recognition is given to between 18 and 26 credits on this degree in the case of students who qualified through CFGS (Advanced professional training) in Social and Cultural Activities, Social and Cultural Activities and Tourism, and Social Integration (please check study plans).

Pre-enrolment code


Student Profile

The profile of students of Education Studies is that of someone who takes a personal, intellectual or social interest in education and formal, non-formal or informal learning in a broad sense, in the changes currently taking place in education, in inequalities in education, in teacher training, in schools' functioning, in planning, management and consultation for educational processes, plans and projects, in creating teaching resources and in educational innovation and research.

Students of Education Studies are responsible, observant, intuitive, organised, analytic, methodical and articulate.

We recommend that students have a knowledge of statistics and a foreign language.

Additional training

Digital skills for university studies (optional 15-hour course offered in September)

Access related information

Check all the information related to university access routes here: secondary school students, CFGS students, over 25 years old and over 45 years old.

You will also find information on other access routes (accredited work experience, changing from a foreign university) and other access routes for pre-university international students (international students: secondary school in the EU, international students: secondary school outside the EU) and for university students and graduates (reincorporations, EU university students, non EU university students and university graduates).