Admission Bachelor's Degree in Applied Statistics

Course access

Students wishing to take this course have different access routes, depending on their previous studies:

Type of access Option Admission mark 23/24

Secondary school diploma + University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training)(*)

Weighted subjects pertaining to the PAU specific phase:

  • Biology (0.2)
  • Business Economics (0.2)
  • Mathematics (0.2)
  • Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences (0.2)
University access for people over 25 years Sciences option ---
Others Entrance exams for people over 45 ---
Degree holders 6.230
Change of studies and validations  

(*) These subjects can be officially recognised for students from the following CFGS (Advanced professional training): Administration and Finances, Healthcare Documentation, Business Management and Marketing, Chemical Processing Industries and Customer Service,
Administration of Computer Systems, Administration of Online Computer Systems Network, Development of Web Applications,Development of Computer Applications,
International Trade, Secretariat, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Health,
Laboratory of Quality Analysis and Control and Industrial Chemistry.

Pre-enrolment code


Student Profile

The recommended profile for access to the Degree in Applied Statistics is a student interested in information analysis techniques and their applications for decision-making in a wide range of fields of knowledge such as life and health sciences, engineering, economics, sociology, experimental sciences, etc.

Among the desirable qualities for future students are analytical capacity, interest in logical reasoning and computing, skills in calculus and the ability to work in teams.
We recommend students to have taken the subjects Mathematics or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences as part of their upper secondary education.

Additional training

  • Preparatory course in Physics for Science (basic level)
  • Preparatory course in Physics for Science (intermediate level)
  • Preparatory course in Chemistry for Science
  • Preparatory course in Mathematics for Science


Access related information

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