The UAB is top university in the CYD ranking

Campus de la UAB (imatge de recurs)

The UAB obtains the highest score in 24 of 34 indicators evaluated by the  Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD). The CYD ranking evaluates 73 Spanish universities and is based on the European Commission's U-Multirank.


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona achieves a high performance score in 24 of the 34 indicators that the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD) just made public in its yearly ranking. The indicators are grouped into five "dimensions": teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement, with the UAB as the leader in the latter three groups.

Of the 8 indicators evaluated in teaching and learning, the UAB obtained maximum points in 4 of them: BA graduation rate, BA graduates in normative time, MA graduates (60 ECS) and MA graduates in normative time (60 ECS). In research, the UAB obtained the highest score in 7 of the 10 indicators: external research income, research publications, citation rate, top cited papers, doctorate productivity, average number of research active years and tenured lecturers without research active years. In knowledge transfer, the UAB scores highest in 6 of the 8 indicators: income from private sources, co-publications with industrial partners, patents awarded, spin-offs, income from continuous professional development and publications cited in patents. In all 7 international orientation indicators the UAB scored in the high performance category: foreign language long first degree programmes (240 ECTS), foreign language MA programmes (60 ECTS), foreign language MA programmes (120 ECTS), student mobility, international academic staff, international doctorate degrees and international joint publications. Finally, the UAB received the highest score in 2 of the 3 regional engagement indicators: student internships in the region and regional joint publications.

The online tool permits accessing 22 areas of knowledge. In this edition, five new areas were added (Pharmacy, Odontology, Nursing, Political Science and Education) and the data of four other areas were updated (Medicine, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work). A remaining 13 areas from all four previous editions were also included: Biology, Economics, Business Studies, Physics, History, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics and Chemistry. In these areas, the UAB scores highest in all indicators evaluated in Psychology.

This is the fifth edition of the ranking and is coordinated by Martí Parellada, professor of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Barcelona. The ranking is based on the same philosophy, methodology and collection of data as the European Commission's U-Multirank. It includes 73 universities from all of the Spanish autonomous communities. 

The CYD Foundation is presided and promoted by Ana Botín, includes the participation of renowned members of the academic and business world, and annually publishes the CYD report on the contribution of Spanish universities to development.

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