Ten thousand people participate in the UAB's health screenings

Cribratge a les facultats de Ciències i de Biociències

Ten thousand people participated in the health screenings organised by the Ministry for Health at the UAB Bellaterra and Sabadell campuses. According to provisional results, the PCR tests detected 0.5% of positive COVID-19 cases and 3.6% of the serologic screenings also gave positive results.


From 8 to 15 April, a total of 9,954 people participated in the health screening organised by the Government of Catalonia's Ministry for Health on the UAB Bellaterra and Sabadell campuses. According to provisional data, positive PCR tests amounted to 0.5% of all tests conducted, while serologic screenings detected that 3.6% of participants had already had Covid-19. All UAB students, lecturers and administrative workers, as well as all members of businesses and research centres located on campus, were eligible to take the tests. 

The screenings took place in different areas of the campus: one at the Plaça Cívica, in front of the pharmacy, and at an itinerant point located at the faculties of Sciences and Biosciences, Arts & Humanities, Medicine, and at the School of Engineering, with another point being offered only on Friday 15 April at the UAB's Sabadel campus. Members of the university community will be able to sign up for a screening at any of the different points and on any of the days available.

Two different tests were available: a PCR through a nasal self swab sample and a rapid serology screening with a capillary blood sample. Each test is voluntary and each person was able to decide whether to take both tests, or only one. The only requirements were not to be vaccinated and not to have symptoms. The results were later communicated to each person through the La Meva Salut digital platform.

This initiative formed part of the general screenings conducted by the Government of Catalonia at all university campuses. The objective is to detect any asymptomatic cases and thus break transmission chains, and to monitor the evolution of transmissions among specific population groups. 

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  • Good health and well-being