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How the Brain Works


Neuroscience is an incredibly rich discipline that covers a variety of topics related to health, society, and education. One of its branches focuses on the study of the biological substrates of behaviour and the underlying mental processes. To understand behaviour, and the mind, it is necessary to know how the components of the nervous system are organized and how their interactions result in normal function. 

The present 5th edition of this course will provide students with the necessary knowledge to understand how the brain works in health and disease. Moreover, different drugs and their effects upon brain function will be reviewed. Neurophysiological and neurochemical approaches will be used to understand the relationships between different behavioural processes and their biological substrates. At the end of this course students will gain valuable knowledge in Neuroscience helpful for their daily lives. 

Also, your professors will be available throughout the course to mentor those students interested in receiving advice about their careers in Neuroscience or in any other field. In brief, we want to create a community of bright students that interact with each other and experience scientific teamwork by working on a final project. 

Courses generally have little or no prerequisite knowledge required for a given topic, however if students face any doubts, we recommend they contact course professors to clarify.

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