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The Global Energy Problem: The Scientific Basis of Energy Management (NEW)


The objective of the course is twofold. First, it should provide the students the scientific basis necessary for understanding energy management, both at global and local scales. For this, we will provide the numbers to clarify what are the energetic resources available worldwide, how we consume it today, and what are the pros, cons and limitations of each form of energy production, both for traditional and renewable sources. 

Second, we will try to infer what, according to such scientific basis, would be the criteria that should drive energy management and the energy transition at a global scale, and will discuss in which ways the current geopolitical and economic scenarios facilitate and/or hamper that process. 

The course intends to be quite interactive and not merely based on traditional educational methodologies. In particular, most of the topics studied during the course would be first introduced to the students through visits to several facilities in the UAB Campus (solar cells, biomass boilers, refrigeration and other efficiency systems...) and/or through simple experimental activities. Also, the last week of the course will be based on a role-playing activity in which the students will adopt the role of the energy manager of a country and will simulate collectively the dynamics of an energy market in order to experience for themselves the corresponding difficulties and details involved. 

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