Building Urban Security: A social approach

Security in urban environments today it is a complex matter due to the diversity of our communities and the multiplicity of approaches and necessities that coexist. Therefore, the aim of the Summer School 2021 is to explore the vision of different actors, institutions, collectives... in order to comprehend the phenomenon in a holistic manner.

What is security today? Whose communities are suffering stigmas due to the mainstream vision and policies? Moreover, how can we develop and integral approach that can balance diversity and multiculturalism? These are the main questions that are going to guide you through an open dialogue helping you to build a plural and open-minded approach about the fragile equilibrium between freedom and security.


We want to promote an open dialogue between the students and a multiplicity of actors deeply involved with the security and securitization dynamic. Thus allowing you to develop your own vision about the challenges that represent diversity today, and how different visions can coexist in the same space.

We will create groups that are challenged to build their own narrative about the social construction of security in an urban environment. The city of Barcelona will act as study case.

The groups prepare a final presentation which shows how they would develop a security approach for a city like Barcelona, based on their own vision and the conversations they held during the week. Which technologies should be implemented, how flexible should the system be in order to allow dissidence as synonym of plurality, etc...?

This Summer School is addressed to Students of CONRIS member universities. The Summer School has a cost of 350€ including accommodation per student in Barcelona from the 4th to the 9th July. Once accepted the candidate will receive an e-mail with the acceptance and payment procedure. The deadline for applications is 30th of March 2021.