Draft programme

Sunday July 5 Monday July 6 Tuesday July 7 Wednesday July 8 Thursday July 9 Friday July 10
Arrival of students 9am-11am Opening speech of the Summer School by Montserrat Iglesias-Lucía, Director of the School, and the Representative of the Authorities 9am-10am Ateneu del Raval 9am-11am Can Vies housing insecurity 9am-11am Urban Management Lectures by Mossos d'Esquadra 9am-11am Group Discussion
  11am-2pm Guàrdia Urbana (Local Police) presentation of security issues in Barcelona 10am-2pm Gestió d'espais comunitaris (Ateneu del Raval) and Putes Llibertàries (Libertarian whores) 11am-2pm Kelly's work insecurity (Gender Approach) 11am-2pm Technology and Security 11am-3pm Group Presentations and Closure
  2pm-4pm Lunch Break 2pm-4pm Lunch Break in Ateneu del Raval 2pm-4pm Lunch Break 2pm-3pm Lunch Break 3pm-4pm Lunch Break
4pm-6pm Welcome Session 4pm-6pm City Tour - Mapping Risk Ciutat Vella 4pm-6pm Centre Immigrants Top Manta and Portaveu MENAS 4pm-6pm Tour of Sagrada Família 3pm-6pm Lectures