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A word from the Director

Mensaje de la DirectoraWelcome!

I am delighted to welcome you to the School FUAB Formació of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

If you are considering studying security, we encourage you to go ahead. It is a dynamic and attractive world where every day is different from the one before, with new cases, new challenges, new objectives and most of all it is extremely necessary. We are surrounded by security actions, often ones that we are not aware of because our risk prevention professionals ensure that we can live our lives calmly and enjoy our surroundings, both private and professional.

Prevention and Integral Safety and Security of the UAB was the first university school in Spain to detect the need for specialised university studies in the areas of risk prevention and security. In 1999 the first, pioneering course in Integrated Risk Prevention and Security was offered. For more than twenty years we have been the leaders in university education in this area and our first course became the official Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Risk Prevention and Security and several Master’s degrees, postgraduate diploma courses and specialisation courses were introduced, to meet the training needs of the sector.

We are the first centre to offer studies in security and risk prevention that has obtained external accreditation for the quality of our courses (2016), and the first university in southern Europe to form part of the prestigious European CONRIS network of universities specialising in risk prevention and security.  

This leadership has allowed us to constantly improve and adapt to emerging needs in the sector and to train great professionals. Our students are our best representatives!

The students have gained knowledge of all areas of security: public, private, technological, etc. If you come to study with us, your multidisciplinary training will allow you to choose from a large range of employment options: private detective, director of a private security company, expert in labour risk prevention, compliance officer and consultant, among many others.

This multiplicity of employment opportunities, our focus on security based on prevention and professionalisation, together with the quality of our teaching staff, our courses and our students, has allowed us one of the highest rates of entry into the labour market among official university degrees: 95% in the last survey with 73% in management and specialist expert positions.

Our aim is to accompany you and help you to achieve your goals, through the official Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Risk Prevention and Security, our Master’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas and the specialisation courses we offer.

Dr. Montserrat Iglesias-Lucía