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12th PhD degrees and extraordinary PhD awards ceremony

14 Nov 2023
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On Friday 17 November at 6 p.m. the 12th PhD degrees and extraordinary PhD awards ceremony will take place at the Sala Arnau de Vilanova of the Hotel Exe Campus, located in the UAB's Vila Universitària.

Picture of the hotel

The Doctoral School and the UAB Alumni organise each year an awards ceremony in recognition of the efforts and dedication of young researchers and their contribution to generating knowledge. These awards go towards PhD graduates whose theses stand out for their contribution and advances made in different areas of our University.

The UAB, with a total of 66 PhD programmes, is one of the top universities in Catalonia with regards to the number of PhD theses produced; approximately one-third of all PhD theses defended within the Catalan university system each year are defended at the UAB.

The awards ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. with a welcoming speech by UAB Rector Javier Lafuente. Following his speech, Vice Rector for Research Assumpció Malgosa, Vice Rector for Students and Employability Anabel Galán, and Social Council Academic Committee President Montserrat López will also give a series of speeches. Armand Sánchez, lecturer in the Department of Animal and Food Science and sponsor of the ceremony, will direct a colloquium entitled “La serendipitat o l’atzar i la necessitat. Reflexions d’un genetista” [Serendipity or Fate and Need. Reflexions by a Geneticist].

The extraodrinary PhD awards will then be handed out and a performance by the UAB Choir will take place. Following that, UAB lecturer Anna Jordana, winner of the extraordinary PhD award in the Health and Sports Psychology Programme will speak on behalf of all PhD graduates. Finally, the ceremony will end with UAB Rector Lafuente delivering the awards to each graduate.

The ceremony will also be streamed live on the UAB's YouTube channel.