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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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The UAB Doctoral School hosts the session "What can I do after my PhD?"

20 Jun 2023
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The session "What can I do after my PhD?" will be held next Wednesday 21 June in the Doctoral School (Sala Carles de Perelló). This session is aimed at enlightening doctoral students in their last years about the next steps they can take to foster their careers.

Compass to illustrate the session

The Doctoral School has organised, together with the UAB Employment Service and the Alumni network, a session that aims to offer a broad vision of the possibilities that exist after doctoral studies inside or outside the academic/university environment.

The event, which is scheduled at 4 p.m., will include a short workshop on the differences between the academic and non-academic curriculum. Afterwards, a round-table discussion will be conducted where doctors with different profiles will talk, from their personal experience, about the professional opportunities offered to those holding a doctorate.

Early stage researchers interested in attending can register via the Moodle Classroom of the Doctoral School.