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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Departament of Clinical and Health Psychology


The department council

The Department Council is made up of all professors and researchers with doctoral status, a representation of non-doctoral academic staff, a representation of research staff in training, a representation of first and second cycle students, a representation of third cycle and a representation of the PAS.

The main powers of the Department Council are:

  • Prepare and approve the Regulations of the Department, and modify them, where appropriate, with the vote of the absolute majority of the members of the Department
  • Call elections for director, and elect and revoke the director
  • Approve the relationship and distribution of expenses and their execution
  • Approve the report of your activities
  • Prepare the reports that are within its competence and, especially, those related to the creation of new departments or units, as well as the creation, modification or suppression of degrees and their corresponding study plans, when they affect issues related to their areas of expertise. knowledge or specialties
  • Schedule and coordinate the teaching work of the Department in the undergraduate and doctoral and postgraduate programs
  • Formulate to the Faculty Board the suggestions it deems appropriate in relation to the study plans and other subjects
  • Urge the creation of university and research institutes and other research centers
  • Organize specialization or dissemination courses, seminars and conference cycles, within their areas of knowledge and specialties, and promote the coordination of these activities with other departments
  • Promote the formalization of contracts with public or private entities to carry out scientific, technical or artistic work
  • Propose the call for teaching posts for university teaching bodies, contracted professors, researchers and other types of academic staff
  • Propose the members of the selection committees for teaching and research staff, official and contracted, to be appointed
  • Propose the hiring of emeritus and visiting faculty
  • Propose the hiring of personnel, for research or advisory purposes, to carry out temporary or specific jobs
  • Create commissions
  • Know the agreements of the Executive
  • Resolve conflicts of competences that may occur between the Units of the Department
  • Assume any other competence attributed to it by the Statutes and other applicable regulations

The Management Team

The management team is made up of the director of the Department and the Secretary, who assists him in carrying out his duties.

The director of the Department exercises the functions of direction and ordinary management and has the representation of the Department.

The powers of the director are: Represent the department; direct, coordinate and supervise the activity of the Department; convene and preside over the Department Council and the Executive Commission, and execute their agreements; manage budget items; supervise the tasks of the administration and services personnel attached to the Department; propose to the Rector the appointment and dismissal of the positions of his team; ensure compliance with the provisions applicable to the Department; ensure that the members of the Department fulfill their duties and their duties are respected and their rights are respected, in accordance with the specific rules that regulate them; assume any other competence that may be attributed to it by law or the Statutes and, in particular, those that within the scope of the Department have not been attributed to other bodies.

The Secretary of the Department is also Secretary of the Department Council. He is the notary person of the acts and agreements that take place and, as such, draws up the minutes of the sessions and keeps the documentation of the Department. He replaces the director and assumes his powers.