3Q: Guido Tonelli

Professor of Physics at the University of Pisa, Tonelli served as spokesperson of the CMS experiment at CERN, one of the two large international scientific collaborations, together with ATLAS, searching for experimental proof of the existence of the Higgs boson.

3Q: Eugenio Coccia

Eugenio Coccia, experimental physicist with expertise in astroparticle physics, focuses his research on the development of ultra-cryogenic detectors of gravitational waves, neutrinos and cosmic rays. He is director of the INFN Center for Advanced Studies “Gran Sasso Science Institute”, president of the... Read more

NEO: Nanoporous materials

Nanoporous materials are similar to sponges, but made out of metals or oxides. Important aplications have already been discovered in the field of chemistry. Researchers from the Department of Physics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona are working to find new environmental applications for these... Read more