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NEO: Searching for a cure for Parkinson’s disease

Researchers from the Biotechnology and Biomedicine Institut (IBB) at UAB have discovered a new therapeutical aproximation to Parkinson’s disease, focused on the alpha-synuclein, a protein involved in this and other neurodegenerative disorders, which’s... Read more

NEO: Treatment plants transformed into biorefineries

The wastewater treatment plant developed by the UAB and Aigües de Manresa S.A. municipal company, generates value-added products simultaneously to the debugging process. The system recovers 50% of the phosphorus, useful as a fertilizer, extracts materials to produce... Read more

3Q Agnes Van Zanten

Lecturer at SciencesPo in Paris, where she works as research director at the CNRS and RAPPE. She is specialized in the analysis of educational inequalities, within "local educational spaces" as she refers to them. In these spaces she studies the dynamics and logical actions... Read more

3Q: Juan Luis Arsuaga

Professor of Palaeontology at the Complutense University of Madrid, director of the UCM-ISCIII Centre for Human Evolution and Behaviour, and codirector of the Sierra de Atapuerca archaeological sites. Worldwide renowned palaeontologist and excellent science popularizer. He is autor, among other books, of La... Read more

3Q: Gita Steiner-Khamsi

Professor of International and Comparative Education and Professor of "International and Transcultural Studies" at Teachers College, of Columbia University in New York, Gita Steiner-Khamsin is one of the most renowned researchers in comparative education and educational policies globally.

3Q: Guido Tonelli

Professor of Physics at the University of Pisa, Tonelli served as spokesperson of the CMS experiment at CERN, one of the two large international scientific collaborations, together with ATLAS, searching for experimental proof of the existence of the Higgs boson.

NEO: Dinosaur Skin Impression Preserved in Rock

The palaeontological site of Fumanya, in the Berguedà region, is well-known for containing numerous samples of fossilised dinosaur footprints. It is there that researchers from the UAB and the Catalan Institute of Palaeontology recently discovered some very peculiar... Read more

NEO: Birth control vaccine for wild boars

Researchers at the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona recently began a pilot project to test contraceptives in wild boars of wild boars wandering around the urban and peri-urban areas of the Vallès Occidnetal's group of... Read more

3Q: Eugenio Coccia

Eugenio Coccia, experimental physicist with expertise in astroparticle physics, focuses his research on the development of ultra-cryogenic detectors of gravitational waves, neutrinos and cosmic rays. He is director of the INFN Center for Advanced Studies “Gran Sasso Science Institute”, president of the... Read more

3Q: Paul Spence

Paul Spence is Senior Lecturer at King's College London, where he has twice acted as Head of Department for what is the only academic department of digital humanities in the world. Paul Spence has worked as a journalist, has an academic background in Spanish and Latin American studies and is an expert in digital... Read more