Certificates and Exams

Exam regulations


Access and Exit

  • Washing hands with soap and water or, if this is not possible, with hydroalcoholic gel, is obligatory whenever entering buildings and classrooms, before and after accessing the toilets, and when the use of shared equipment or devices cannot be avoided.
  • Hand-disinfectant gel dispensers are available at the entrances to buildings, classrooms and toilets, as well as at public-service points.
  • Access to and exit from classrooms will be organised and coordinated in a staggered manner in alphabetical order, in order to avoid crowding in corridors and toilets.
  • The corridors can be occupied only at the time of access to the classrooms, and crowding must be avoided. Preferably, you should wait outside until just before you need to access your classroom.
  • Both indoors and outdoors, whilst waiting you must ensure a distance of 1.5 metres from others.
  • Whenever possible, separate accesses will be enabled for entry and exit.
  • Students will not be allowed to remain in the corridors once the test has finished..

Use of Lifts

  • Where possible, always use the stairs.
  • If you need to use the lifts because of mobility difficulties, remember that they are basically for individual use only: only one person and, if strictly necessary, his or her companion may enter. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times.

Room Capacity and Keeping a Safe Distance

  • A safe distance among people must be maintained:
    • Among students in the same row of seats and among students in the front and back rows.
    • In the corridors leading to the classroom.
    • In relation to the person invigilating the exam.
  • In all classrooms, there are signs indicating which places can be occupied and which places must be reserved to preserve a safe distance
  • You should leave your personal belongings (bags, etc.) in the shared safety space located behind you or, if this is not possible, in the space in front of you.
  • You cannot ask for writing utensils or any other material from the other students.


  • In order for us to confirm your identity before you enter the examination room, you must show your ID card to the person responsible. Do not hand the card to them.

Handling Exam Papers

  • All examination materials will be handled in strict compliance with the health protocol (handling paper with clean hands plus hydroalcoholic gel).
  • When you have finished the examination, you must remove your belongings (bag, etc.) and leave your completed examination in the indicated examination box. Leave your draft papers in the other box.
  • Once the examination is over, students still in the classroom must leave their place in an orderly fashion as instructed, first collecting their belongings; then depositing their examination in the examination box, and—finally—leaving draft papers in the indicated box.

Ventilation, Disinfection and Cleaning

  • Doors should be kept open whenever possible.
  • Windows should be opened before and after the examination for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The examinations will take place with the windows partially open, except if weather conditions are adverse. Please ensure that you wear clothes that are comfortable and warm.
  • Disinfectant solutions will be used to clean the computers, keyboards, computer mice and the tables after each session.


  • The use of masks is obligatory at all times on campus and especially inside the buildings, even during the oral tests. This excludes the exceptions set out in Resolution SLT/1648/2020 (information in CA/ES only).


  • Avoid close proximity and physical contact when greeting others. Particularly, avoid shaking hands.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Always keep a safe distance from others.
  • Please bring your own water, as we cannot guarantee that there will be a sufficient supply in the vending machines.

IMPORTANT: If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, you must not come to the examination. In this event, please contact avaluacio@uab.cat to ascertain an alternative solution.


UAB Idiomes will try to adapt the tests to the special needs of examinees with disabilities. To this end, it is necessary for examinees to indicate that they have a special need when they register. At least 10 days before the first test in the exam, the SdL must receive the individualised recommendations report from the UAB’s PIUNE (or another recognised entity for such purposes), in which all recommended adaptations are clearly indicated. If this report is not received, or if it is not received in time, no adaptations can be made to the examinations.

Before each exam, candidates must identify themselves with a valid ID document that includes a photograph. Candidates without an ID document will not be admitted to the exam and will receive a grade of Absent.
Candidates whose name is not on the list will only be allowed entry with the permission of the coordinators or the invigilator, after making the corresponding inquiries.
Candidates who arrive late for the written exams (writing and reading comprehension) may enter the room provided that no more than 20 minutes have passed since the exam started. Under no circumstances may a late-arriving candidate continue after the established time for ending the exam. Candidates who arrive over 20 minutes late will receive a grade of Absent.
Those arriving late for the speaking exam, or for the English computer-based exams, will be offered another timetable slot only if this is possible. Otherwise they will receive an overall grade of Absent. If there were medical or compassionate grounds for the late arrival, they may request a change of date or exams period, submitting the corresponding supporting documents.
Once an exam is in progress, candidates may not leave the classroom until they have handed in their exam.

In each exam room there is a designated area for candidates to leave their personal belongings. Mobile phones must be switched off and placed inside the candidates' bags or in a box provided by the invigilator. Smartwatches are not allowed. The Language Service does not take responsibility for these belongings.
During the exam, candidates may only have the following on their desks: ID document, a bottle of water, a blue or black ballpoint pen and an eraser, such as Tipp-Ex. Other personal objects must be left in the designated area, preferably at the front of the room.
The invigilator will provide scrap paper if needed. Candidates may not use their own paper.
No papers may be taken out of the classroom, whether exam papers or scrap paper.

Candidates may ask the invigilator for a proof-of-attendance slip. We recommend asking for this at the start of the exam, so it will be ready for you to collect at the end.

Oral exams as part of assessments leading to certification are usually recorded. In the case of CertAcles exams, recording is mandatory, with the candidate's consent. The recordings may be used in the event of an appeal, or to train examiners.

The candidates can view their exam results on the UAB Idiomes website. The official date for posting grades is given in the information for each exams period, and it is never later than one month from the date of the first exam. To access the grades application candidates must input their national ID or passport number and their date of birth.

Candidates have the right to a personal, individualised review of the different results of the final exam.
The review and appeals period is announced with the specific information for each exams period. The timetables for reviews must be specified for each exams period and may be consulted on the Language Service website one day before results are posted, at the latest.

The purpose of the review is to show candidates their exams. Additionally, candidates can be given an explanation of how each part of the exam operates, the scoring criteria and procedures, and the criteria for passing the exam. Under no circumstances may candidates take away any materials shown to them or photograph them.
The review period begins on the day grades are posted and lasts for at least two working days.

After the review, candidates who still disagree with the partial or overall scoring may submit a written appeal, addressed to the Director, at the UAB Idiomes offices (Secretaria).
The period for submitting an appeal against a partial or overall exam result begins when the grades are posted and lasts for at least two working days.
Appeals are resolved by an appeals board, formed by the Head of Studies, staff from the Assessment and Certification Unit (UAC) and the coordinator of the corresponding language section. (An examiner from the section may also be asked to be present.) Appeals are resolved within a maximum of three weeks, given that the final grade rosters are closed within one month of first posting the grades.
All documents generated or received must be duly identified and filed in the offices of the Language Service.

Candidates enrolled as part of their UAB Idiomes course who wish to be excused from taking the exam on the scheduled dates on medical, academic (overlap with other university exams), work-related, religious or compassionate grounds may request a change of date, submitting the corresponding supporting documents. If the request is granted a new date is offered, which always falls within the same exams period. If it is not possible to do the exam within the exams period a change of period may be granted. Changes of date must be requested at least one week beforehand, though this requirement can be waived in exceptional circumstances such as candidate's sickness.
Candidates enrolled as part of their UAB Idiomes course who are not able to attend at any time within the set exams period may request a change of exams period (for example, September instead of June). The request must be submitted at least three working days before the first day  of the exams period. Once the exam session has started, only requests for a change of session as a result of unforeseen circumstances will be accepted, such as hospitalisation or accidents, submitting the corresponding supporting documents. Under no circumstances will requests made after the date of publication of the grades be accepted. 

Any request for a change of exam date or date of exam session must be addressed in writing to the Administrative Office of the UAB Language Service, either through the following application form (Campus) or by e-mail to info.idiomes@uab.cat (Barcelona).