Official Master's Degree in Economic History


This master's degree has been awarded an AQU Seal of Excellence and an AQU Favourable Seal of Interaction between University-Level Research and Teaching.

The inter-university master's degree in Economic History is a research-oriented programme designed to produce researchers capable of examining, understanding and solving problems related to the economic development of societies through important events and trends in economic history, and who can generate knowledge in the fields of economic history and long-term economic development.

Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced theoretical and empirical techniques in economic analysis and the historical perspective required to examine, analyze and solve problems related to the economic development of societies.

Key features

Teaching staff
Universitat de Barcelona
Dr. Marc Badia Miró
Dra. Yolanda Blasco Martel
Dr. Gabriele Cappelli
Dra. Anna Carreras Marín
Dr. Jordi Catalan Vidal
Dr. Josep Colomé Ferrer
Dr. Sergio Espuelas
Dr. Miquel Gutiérrez Poch
Dr. Alfonso Herranz Loncán
Dr. Jordi Planas Maresma
Dr. Marc Prat Sabartés
Dr. Ramon Ramon Muñoz
Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Suárez
Dr. Ricard Soto Company
Dr. Carles Sudrià Triay
Dr. Enric Tello Aragay
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Dra. Anna M. Aubanell Jubany
Dr. Xavier Cussó Segura
Dr. Pedro Fatjó Gómez
Dra. Montserrat Llonch Casanovas
Dr. Jordi Maluquer de Motes
Dr. Roser Nicolau Nos
Dr. Josep Pujol Andreu
Dra. Carmen Sarasúa
Universidad de Zaragoza
Dr. Ernesto Clar Moliner
Dra. Pilar Erdozain Azpilicueta
Dr. Domingo Gallego Martínez
Dr. Luis Germán Zubero
Dr. Iñaki Iriarte Goñi
Dr. Vicente Pinilla Navarro
Dr. Javier Silvestre Rodríguez

Anna Carreras Marín (coordinator) (UB) (,
Pedro Fatjó Gómez (UAB) ( and
Javier Silvestre Rodríguez (UZ)(

Master's dissertation
The aim of the master's dissertation is to introduce students to research. The methodology and the time available for preparing the dissertation make it advisable to give it the form of a critical state-of-the-art survey of a particular topic, though original research results may also be presented. The length of the dissertation should be similar to that of an article for an academic journal.

Career options

Students develop the general and specific competences needed to become professionals engaged in high-quality research in universities or research centres, both public and private. Students not wishing to take a PhD, preferring to work in public administration, business or the third sector, will be well-equipped for tasks with a sizeable research component, for example in consultancy or analysis services, or for providing economic advice to governments, non-governmental organisations devoted to economic cooperation projects, and public and private institutions. 


Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
Other participating universities:University of Barcelona (coordinator)
University of Zaragoza

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