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Seminar: "Socio-environmental justice struggles in European cities", by Dagmar Haase and Prof. Annegret Haase

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Detalles del evento

Dagna Haase and Annegret Haase will be visiting ICTA-UAB next Monday November 20th to give a seminar on socio-environmental justice, urban green infrastructure, and green gentrification. It's organised within the framework of the María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence program.


Title: "Socio-environmental justice struggles in European cities: Experiences across methodological approaches"

Presenters: Prof. Dagmar Haase and Prof. Annegret Haase

Date: Monday, Nov, 20th 2023
Venue: Room Z/022- Z/23 (Espai Montseny) ICTA-UAB


This seminar will discuss recent research carried out on socio-environmental justice, urban green infrastructure, and green gentrification. Aspects of conflicts related to urban development policies will also be discussed, as well as other aspects of socio-environmental systems in cities. Those will include urban gardens carried out in Berlin and Warsaw from a socio-spatial point of view, projects carried out by activists that generate new forms of management, protection, and governance of green spaces within other urban transformations.

seminar ICTA_UAB Dagma and Annegret Haase​​​​​​​