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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA-UAB)

Finding the Money: a documentary about Modern Monetary Theory

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Detalles del evento

Ms. Maren Poitras, the director of the new documentary on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) –"Finding the Money" (– is coming to ICTA-UAB for a sneak preview followed by a roundtable at which academics from ICTA-UAB will discuss the complementarity between ecological economics and MMT. 

Talk: "Finding the Money: a documentary about Modern Monetary Theory"

Speaker: Maren Poitras in conversation with ecological economists from ICTA-UAB

Date: Wednesday, April 3rd 2024
Time: From 18 to 21h
Venue: S
ala d'actes de la Facultat de Ciències


Modern Monetary Theory is transforming the way we think about how to finance the most important projects of our time. Following this sneak peak of her forthcoming documentary, director Maren Poitras discusses the synergies that exist between MMT, ecological economics, and degrowth. Can a new understanding of money inform how we think about the economy in a world beyond growth?

Maren Poitras’s feature documentary debut FINDING THE MONEY received the Audience Award at DocLands film festival DocPitch 2021, and was selected for Big Sky Pitch, Hot Docs Deal Maker, and DOC NYC Roundtables in 2022. She is Associate Producer with Codebreaker Films, on Enemies of the State (TIFF 2020) and Reality Winner (2023). Originally from the California Bay Area, Poitras has a background in environmental science and agriculture from UC Berkeley.