Master's Degree in Pathology and Surgery of the Posterior Segment of the Eye

Discover the full range of pathologies in the posterior segment of the eyeball, the corresponding treatment and the latest advances in surgery. Acquire the necessary knowledge to strengthen your healthcare work


Jose Lamarca Mateu

Rafael I Barraquer Compte

Teaching staff

Santiago Abengoechea Hernández

Rafael Ignaci Barraquer Compte

Maria Jose Capella Elizalde

Javier Elizalde Montagut

Gemma Julio Morán

Jose Lamarca Mateu

Jeronimo Nadal Reus

Paola Maria Sauvageot Beneria

Sonia Viver Oller

Coordinating centres

Instituto Universitario Barraquer

Collaborating centres

Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer

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