The demographic change of an ageing population and the increase in life expectancy in western countries is a situation that poses challenges in the face of emerging problems and requirements in the socio-economic, cultural and health environment of a society in which the elderly population and the recently named 'over-ageing' group are predicted to grow. It is in the face of these social and professional changes that we have proposed the need to train nurses capable of learning and assuming the new competencies required in this changing society.

The Master's degree in gerontological and geriatric nursing at the University Nursing School of Santa Creu and Sant Pau (EUI-Sant Pau), has been designed from the need to train professional experts in geronto-geriatric care at a time when society demands specialists that offer a response to the needs of an ageing population, forecast to grow.

To guarantee the quality and excellence of this Master's degree we have an expert team of lecturers and specialists of recognised prestige in the areas of gerontology and geriatrics as well as management. Representatives from each area make up a committee of experts for the Master's degree, with the principal function of offering guidance in terms of the content of the course and their continual updating in line with the characteristics and demands of society.

All students acquire advanced specialist training in the process of ageing and professional care for the elderly from an integrated viewpoint, and specifically for the study, diagnosis and treatments of illnesses of old people and their rehabilitation and recovery.


This master's degree aims to enable students to be able to:

- Identify and analyse nurses' specific responsibilities and functions in the field of geriatrics, in order to act effectively and efficiently in the organisation of teamwork in geriatric centres and healthcare centres.

- Draw up, apply and evaluate nursing treatment plans, taking into account the needs of geriatric patients and their families, and the characteristics of the environment.

- Analyse indicators of efficiency for evaluating centres, in order to ensure quality of care and patients' safety.

- Design programmes to promote healthy ageing and prevention plans to identify patients who are frail and/or at risk.

Access requirements

Associate's degree in nursing.

Career opportunities

Master's graduates can work as:

- Members of interdisciplinary teams in functional hospital units

- Manager in nursing centres offering integrated treatment to the elderly and in processes of chronic illness (home care)

- Manager of nursing care services in internal medical units and acute geriatric units in hospitals

- Manager of nursing care services in a social healthcare context (short stay and long stay, convalescent units, day hospitals, psychogeriatric units and palliative cures)


Elvira Hernández Martínez-Esparza

Phone: 935537833



UAB-specific Master's Degree
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Places: 35
Orientation: Professional
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Modality: Onsite
Location: E.U. d'Infermeria de l'Hospital de Sant Pau, C. Sant Antoni M. Claret 167, Barcelona
Dates: from 26/09/2019 to 12/06/2020
Teaching language:
Catalan (75%), Spanish (25%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería del Hospital de la Santa Cruz y de San Pablo

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