Apply for admission to the programme

The admission process serves to ensure that all students meet the programme's requirements and thus guarantee an optimal work environment during the course. To apply for admission, you must follow apply: you can do it online or in person, and in both cases you will need to provide the required documents.

In the event of seats remaining once the final date of application is expired, the coordination may prolongue it.


30.21 €  (fixed registration fee, non-refundable and not included in the programme price).

If you choose to pay by POS (card) you will need to complete the payment during the application process, inside the application.


Online or in person application:

Online application:

Very important: before registering in the application, you must carefully read the information you will find on this page to have the required documentation ready and confirm that you meet the access requirements, and that the registration process is open.

The application interface will ask you to specify the codes of study and edition of the programme to which you want to enroll. Data from this program are: Study: 3683 and Edition: 6

To fulfill the application you need a NIU (UAB's University Identification Number). Choose the appropriate option for your case:

If you have any further questions, please check the video tutorials at the bottom of this page.

In person application:

You must make an appointment request through our appointments' application.

Online application tutorial :

Tutorial for the NIU obtention (in Spanish):


Application dates

from 30/11/2020 to 02/01/2022

Required documentation

- Official Bachelor Degree or comparable (if still pending, please click here)
- Academic record
- DNI, NIE, TIE or valid passport


In order to be admitted to the pre-selection process, candidates must generate a single file in pdf format, which will be named with the surname of the applicant, and upload it to the programme’s website ( It must be submitted between the 15th of June and the 15th of July. This pdf file must contain the following documents, in the order indicated below:

- A motivation/presentation cover letter that does not exceed 300 words.

- Curriculum vitae according to the attached model.

- Photocopy of the DNI or alternative document proving identity.

- Academic record of the university studies carried out, which explicitly details all the calls for the subjects studied (approved, suspended and not presented).

- File excel BAREMO completed. It allows to automatically calculate the overall grade of undergraduate or engineering studies.

- Photocopy of other documents and certifications that support the merits and circumstances reflected in the curriculum.

- Certificate signed by the applicant on the veracity of the documentation submitted.

In addition, the candidate must request a minimum of two and a maximum of three reports, according to the attached model, from teachers or officials with whom he/she have had a significant academic or professional relationship. These reports will be processed before July 15 by their authors, according to the instructions contained in the document. For more details about the admission process, consult the website of the programme.

The pre-selection process consists of 3 eliminatory phases: evaluation of the documentation presented, personal interview with the Coordination of the programme and interviews with the collaborating companies.

Only those students who pass the pre-selection process and, therefore, are admitted to the master's degree, must officially apply for the programme on this page (online or on site application) within the period indicated above (application dates) and pay at that time the €30.21 corresponding to the application fee. Then, the agreement will be signed with the company that has selected the student and she/he will realize the free enrolment, following the instructions that will facilitate the coordination of the programme at that moment.

Access requirements

Applicants must have the following.

- A degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Higher Chemical Engineering obtained in the last four years.

- Having been selected by the master's coordination after passing the selection process. Selection by the coordination implies authomatic grant of the collaborating companies' financial assistance.

Selection criteria

In the selection of students the following will be taken into consideration:

- academic transcript (subjects taken and final grade)
- complementary courses related to the Master's degree, level of English, computer office skills, postgraduate courses, etc.
- previous experience (placements, periods abroad, professional experience, etc.)
- suitability to work in the collaborating company (ability to learn and work in teams if necessary)

These criteria will be compared in two interviews. The first with the director of the Master's degree. Students selected will have a second interview with one of the managers of the company in which the student will undertake their placement period.

Additionally candidates should request a minimum of two and a maximum of three references (in the format provided in the QFP student dossier link) from lecturers, tutors or superrvisors with whom they have had asignificant academic or professional relationship. These references must be sent personall by the lecturer, tutor or supervisor by e-mail, preferably from an institutional mail address to before 21 November.

The application period is from 14 November if submitting by e-mail and 21 November if submitting application personally.
Documents sent by e-mail should consist of a single pdf sent to
Documents may be submitted personally to the Administrative Office of the Department of Chemistry (Opening hours 11am to 2pm).

The selection process is carried out in three eliminatory stages:
- Evaluation of the accredited documents and the references from the lecturers, tutors or supervisors.
- Personal interview with the Master's degree coordinator
- Personal interview with the management of the collaborating companies

The number of candidates selected each year is the same as the number of offers from collaborating companies.

Notice of admission

The admission resolution will be sent to the e-mail address you specify when you fill the application. In this e-mail you will receive detailed information of the enrolment procedure.

The resolution will not be published on the web. All communication will be via e-mail.

Be sure to check your e-mail spam folder. Sometimes messages are treated as spam.

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