Master's Degree in Business Management (CITIUS programme)

Get to know and understand the information that a business generates and put it to good use in decision-making in day-to-day management

Apply for admission to the programme

The admission process serves to ensure that all students meet the programme's requirements and thus guarantee an optimal work environment during the course. To apply for admission, you must apply online. Remember that you will need to upload the required documents.

In the event of seats remaining once the final date of application is expired, the direction may prolongue it.


30.21 €  (fixed registration fee, non-refundable and not included in the programme price).

If you choose to pay by POS (card) you will need to complete the payment during the application process, inside the application.

Online application

Very important: before registering in the application, you must carefully read the information you will find on this page to have the required documentation ready and confirm that you meet the access requirements, and that the registration process is open.

The application interface will ask you to specify the study type (master's degree, diploma or specialisation coruse) and the codes of study and edition of the programme to which you want to enroll. Data from this program are: Study: 1855 and Edition: 18

To fulfill the application you need a NIU (UAB's University Identification Number). Choose the appropriate option for your case:


Application dates

from 30/01/2023 to 13/09/2024

Required documentation

- Official Bachelor Degree or comparable
- Academic record
- DNI, NIE, TIE (double-sided scanning) or valid passport

Selection criteria

Registration and admittance of candidates
With the intention of making the Citius programme a dynamically structured programme, enrolment periods remain open throughout the year. Applications can be submitted all year long and companies are also free to send in their offers throughout the year.
To participate in the Citius programme you must fit the profile of one of the positions offered by the firms collaborating in the programme. In order to opt for a work placement you must apply directly to one of the positions being offered.

Selection process
When a candidate's profile coincides with the characteristics and requirements of one of the job offers available, the Citius programme team send the application to the company.
It is then the company itself which begins the selection process to cover the job offer. When the process, the company communicates its final decision to the programme team and one of its members is then in charge of contacting the candidate and beginning their incorporation process.

Notice of admission

The admission resolution will be sent to the e-mail address you specify when you fill the application. In this e-mail you will receive detailed information of the enrolment procedure.

Be sure to check your e-mail spam folder. Sometimes messages are treated as spam.

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