Graduate Diploma in Criminalistics. Analysis of Information and Advanced Techniques in Forensic Sciences


Criminalistics, or forensic science, are defined as the collection of disciplines in which the common objective is the gathering of legal evidence using scientific methods. Any science becomes forensic when it is used for legal purposes, but the techniques must be adapted to the investigative and legal end of the evidence, and this is the reason for this programme which aims to train professionals in Criminalistics as a recognised university qualification, and therefore give it higher academic recognition that can then be used by professionals in their individual work and the work they provide for the courts, using the most advanced techniques available.

This is an eminently profession-oriented programme that especially includes all types of practical case studies as well as others selected for the best and most rapid assimilation by students, who are introduced from the start to real-life experiences in criminalistics and given the capacity to be able to write reports in criminal investigation either in specific areas or in their own area of interest.

This course aims to go beyond classic criminalistics and provides a response to the current need for university training in advanced forensic science techniques, incorporating the latest computer applications. It is specially designed to facilitate a high level of instruction and an eminently practical aspect in forensic specialities giving knowledge and use of information analysis systems that will perfect and facilitate the work of the assessors. For that reason half the course hours take place in specialist laboratories to familiarise students with the new technology.


Prepare students to be able to act as criminalist experts by judicial designation and offer specialist training which will allow them to work in the profession, applying the appropriate specialist methodology for judicial action in the collection of evidence and in the shaping and defence of the expert reportsthat they produce.

Use a Management by Objectives (MBO) approach and understand the basic concepts for organising a professional career.

Access requirements

A university degree or equivalent

Exceptionally candidates with a professional CV that demonstrates sufficient experience in the subject may be accepted with the previous agreement of the coordinator and the permission of the Graduate School. On passing course these students would receive only a certificate confirming that they have taken the course.

Student profiles include members of the public security forces, criminalists, detectives, lawyers, notaries, judges, civil servants, public registry officers, brokers, teachers, biologists, chemists, legal assessors, private insurance specialists, computer programmers, linguists.

Career opportunities

- Professional activities as a criminalist to undertake legal work for court trials in the areas of ocular-technical inspection, lophoscopy, ballistics, instrumental traces, accidentology and other areas of forensic science that are not specifically covered under other specific qualifications.
- Criminalistic advice for institutions and organisations, evaluation of procedures, methodology, reports in the general area of criminalistics and the specific areas covered by the course.
- Expert criminalistic activity in physical and online documentary research, forgeries and imitation of documents, plagiarism.
- Production of pre-court or extra-courts papers, working with public or private institutions, professional associations, companies and entities to combat fraud in intellectual and industrial property.
- Students who have passed any of the specialisations that are offered gain recognition by the professional associations in agreement with the Institute of Graphism and the Institutional Council of Forensic Science Teachers and Laboratory Directors with all the benefits that this carries (in-court representation, employment opportunities, discounts, etc.)


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Modality: Onsite
Location: Casa de Convalencència, C. Sant Antoni Mª Claret 171, Barcelona
Dates: from 18/01/2020 to 07/11/2020
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Spanish (90%), English (8%), French (1%), Italian (1%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela de Prevención y Seguridad Integral
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Institut de Ciències del Grafisme

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