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  • UAB Specialisation Course
  • Code: 1764/22
  • 22th edition
  • Modality: Onsite
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Start date: 06/10/2020
  • Finish date: 02/02/2021
  • Places: 15
  • Orientation: Academic, Professional
  • Price: 360 ¤
  • Teaching language: Spanish (50%), Catalan (40%), English (10%)
  • Location: Casa de Convalencència, Hospital de St. Pau. C. Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 171, 08041 Barcelona


Theoretical training aimed at updating assessment, therapeutic and nosological concepts, related to intellectual disability and autism.

- Concept, history and updates
- Development and risk
- The child from 0 to 6 :clinic, assessment and intervention
- Schooling children with intellectual disability
- The child and adolescent with intellectual disability
- Psychopathological and psychoeducational assessment of intellectual disability
- Psychopathological intervention in intellectual disability
- The major syndromes of intellectual disability
- Disorders of the autistic spectrum: concept, clinic and assessment
- Psychopathological and psychoeducational intervention in disorders of the autistic spectrum
- Psychopharmacological intervention in disorders of the autistic spectrum and intellectual disability
- The family of the child with intellectual disability and the child on an autistic spectrum

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Coordinating centres

Departamento de Psicología Clínica y de la Salud


Rosa M. Bonet Rafart

Phone: 935811166

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