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Optimizing the employability of former elite athletes

Since January 2017, the Research Group in Sport Psychology (Grup d’Estudis en Psicologia de l’Esport, GEPE) of the UAB, participates in the project ‘Be a Winner in elite sports and Employment before and after athletic Retirement’ (short: B-WISER). This 2-year project is Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and aims at optimizing the employability of (former) elite athletes.

Finance (€ 0.4M) will allow 13 partners and 39 experts from six EU Member States (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) to conduct research on how the employment of athletes and ex-athletes can be optimized within Europe.
In the opening phase, the B-WISER project will identify existing structures and measures on the support of ‘elite sport and employment’. Subsequently, the project will identify the competences that athletes require to combine ‘elite sport and employment ', and also the competences they require to successfully make the transition from elite sport to the labour market at the end of their elite sports career.
In the next phases, the B-WISER project will research the added value of employing (former) athletes for employers and identify and develop best practices in the the participating countries to optimize the matching process between (former) athletes and (future) employers. This project will allow educational institutions, sport governing bodies, employers and career counsellors in the participating countries to optimize their support and guidance in ‘elite sport and employment' trajectories.
The partnership, consisting of universities, national and international Olympic and Paralympic Committees (NOC, BPC, IOC, IPC), elite sports centres, experts in career counseling (Adecco Athlete Career Programme), experts in employment and HR (Kapito HR, Unizo, UEAPME) and international sport experts (IOC, IPC, EOC) will be coordinated by Prof. Wylleman of ‘Vrije Universiteit Brussel’.  Miquel Torregrossa and Yago Ramis will coordinate GEPE-UAB participation in this project which will be also conducted by Susana Pallarés and research technicians Anna Jordana, Salvador Miró and Andrea Pérez-Rivases collaborating as experts in dual careers and transitions in sport.

Miquel Torregrossa, Yago Ramis and Anna Jordana
Department of Basic, Developmental and Educational Psychology
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Miquel Torregrossa, Yago Ramis, Susana Pallarés, Anna Jordana, Salvador Miró and Andrea Pérez-Rivases. Project “Be a Winner in elite sports and Employment before and after athletic  Retirement” (B-WISER). Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. www.bwiser.eu

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