Official master's degree in Introduction to Research in Mental Health

The master's degree is addressed to local and international students with an interest in psychiatry and mental health research

Teaching staff Official Master's Degree in Introduction to Research in Mental Health

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Course coordinator

María Elena Castro Fernández
E-mail address:

Víctor Pérez Sola – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
E-mail address:

Maria J. Portella Moll – CIBERSAM, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
E-mail address:

Master direction



List of teachers

Teacher Area Category Research
Alonso Solís, Anna Psiquiatria Associat Clínic Psiquiatria
Alvarez Martinez, Enric Psiquiatria Catedratic d'Universitat Research
Carmona Farres, Cristina Psiquiatria Associat Clínic Psiquiatria
Moreno Alcaraz, Anna Psiquiatria Associat Clínic Psiquiatria
Perez Blanco, Maria Josefa Psiquiatria Associat Mèdic Laboral
Portella Moll, Maria Jesus Psiquiatria Associat Mèdic Laboral Research
Puigdemont Campos, Maria Dolores Psiquiatria Associat Clínic Psiquiatria
Soler Ribaudi, Joaquin Psiquiatria Associat Mèdic Laboral
Trujols Albet, Joan Psiquiatria Associat Clínic Psiquiatria
Valiente Gomez, Alicia Psiquiatria Associat Clínic Psiquiatria
Vicent Gil, Muriel Psiquiatria Associat Clínic Psiquiatria
de Diego Adeliño, Francisco Javier Psiquiatria Associat Mèdic Laboral
Teacher Area Category Research
Amann , Benedikt Lorenz Psiquiatria Associat Mèdic Laboral
Perez Sola, Victor Psiquiatria Titular d'Universitat Interi
Teacher Area Category Research
Armario Garcia, Antonio Fisiologia Catedratic d'Universitat Research

Administrative contact

For more information please contact with the master's degrees' coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine: