Official master's degree in Paleobiology and Fossil Record

Exceptionaly for the 2020/21 academic year, no access places will be opened for this master's degree.

Teaching staff Official Master's Degree in Paleobiology and Fossil Record

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Course coordinator

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Master's Coordination

Master direction

Carme Boix Martínez
Marc Furio Bruno
E-mail address:

List of teachers

Teacher Area Category Research
Aymerich Nuñez de Arenas, Xenia Antropologia Física Professor Vinculat
Kohler , Meike Antropologia Física Professor Associat Laboral Research
Minwer Barakat Requena, Raef Antropologia Física Professor Vinculat
Moya Sola, Salvador Antropologia Física Professor Associat Laboral Research
Teacher Area Category Research
Abella Perez, Juan Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Arias Martorell, Julia Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Bolet Mercadal, Arnau Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Calvo Tortajada, Ruben Estratigrafia Professor Associat Laboral
Casanovas Vilar, Isaac Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Castanera Andres, Diego Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Esteban Trivigno, Soledad de Paleontologia Professor Investigador Vinculat
Figuerola Giménez-Coral, Pere Paleontologia Professor Investigador Vinculat
Fortuny Terricabras, Josep Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Furio Bruno, Marcos Paleontologia Professor Lector/ajudant Doctor/a
Galindo Torres, Jordi Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Garcia Sellés, Albert Paleontologia Professor Investigador Vinculat
Hernandez Lujan, Angel Paleontologia Professor Associat Laboral
Madurell Malapeira, Joan Paleontologia Professor Associat Laboral Research
Marigo Cortes, Judit Paleontologia Professor Associat Laboral
Marquès Bonet, Tomàs Paleontologia Professor Investigador Vinculat
Martinez Alba, David Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Mercedes Martin, Ramon Estratigrafia Professor Associat Laboral
Nacarino Meneses, Carmen Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Oms Llobet, Josep Oriol Estratigrafia Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Pina Miguel, Marta Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Poch Serra, Joan Estratigrafia Professor Associat Laboral Research
Prieto Marquez, Alberto Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
Santamaria Casanovas, Joan Estratigrafia Professor Associat Laboral
Vicens Batet, Enric Paleontologia Prof Titulars d'Universitat Research
Vila Ginesti, Bernat Paleontologia Professor Vinculat
de Miguel Cascan, Daniel Paleontologia Professor Vinculat