Official Master's Degree in High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Course coordinator

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Master's Coordination

Teaching staff

Our professional research oriented program is taught by highly recognized scientists in their respective fields. In addition to a direct and personalized education experience, students have the possibility of interacting with local as well as foreign professors, who can provide links to international universities and research centers for future.

Master direction

Pere Masjuan Queralt

List of teachers

Teacher Area Category Research
Carretero Palacios, Jorge Física Teòrica Professor Associat Laboral
Escribano Carrascosa, Rafel Física Teòrica Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Masjuan Queralt, Pere Física Teòrica Investigadors Programa Beatriu de Pinós Research
Masso Soler, Eduard Física Teòrica Catedràtic d'Universitat Research
Matias Espona, Joaquim Física Teòrica Catedràtic/a/contractat Doctor/a Research
Pineda Ruiz, Antonio Miguel Física Teòrica Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Pomarol Clotet, Alejandro Física Teòrica Catedràtic d'Universitat Research


ICE Staff
Francisco Castander
Pablo Fosalba
Enrique Gaztañaga
Josep Miquel Girart,
Margarita Hernanz
Jordi Isern
Ignasi Ribas
Josep Maria Trigo
Diego F. Torres
Carlos F. Sopuerta
IFAE Staff
Òscar Blanch
Sebastian Grinstein
Mario Martínez
Ramon Miquel
Abelardo Moralejo
Cristóbal Padilla
Javier Rico
Imma Riu
Federico Sánchez
UAB Staff
Rafel Escribano
Christophe  Grojean
Matthias Jamin
Eduard Massó
Joaquim Matias
Antonio Pineda
Alex Pomarol
Geraldine Servant

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