Official master's degree in Applied Philosophy

This master's degree allows you to apply critical thinking to contemporary challenges: new technologies, climate change, animal rights, feminism, bioethics, art, new politics, etc.

Official Master's Degree in Applied Philosophy

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Course coordinator

Oriol Farrés

List of teachers

Teacher Area Category Research
Casacuberta Sevilla, David Jorge Lògica i Filosofia de la Ciència Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Castro Garcia, Oscar Filosofia Professor Associat Laboral
Estany Profitos, Anna Lògica i Filosofia de la Ciència Professors Emerits Laborals Research
Farres Juste, Oriol Filosofia Moral Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Gomez Franco, Irene Filosofia Moral Professor Associat Laboral
Saez Tajafuerce, Begoña Filosofia Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Tafalla Gonzalez, Marta Estètica i Teoria de les Arts Agregat/da Contractat Doctor/a Research
Vilar Roca, Gerard Estètica i Teoria de les Arts Catedratic d'Universitat Research