University Master's Degree in Applied Philosophy

This master's degree allows you to apply critical thinking to contemporary challenges: new technologies, climate change, animal rights, feminism, bioethics, art, new politics, etc.

Content Official Master's Degree in Applied Philosophy

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Master description

The Official Master’s Degree in Applied Philosophy is a master’s degree of 60 credits without specializations.
The master’s degree comprises 48 obligatory ECTS credits (including the thesis) and an offer of 24 optional ECTS credits, of which students must study 12 ECTS credits. Although students on the master’s degree may freely choose the optional modules and combine the different aspects of the master’s degree, there is the possibility to set two routes of optional credits: one focused on the area of ethics (Animal Ethics and the Philosophy of Gender) and another focused on the area of epistemology (Minds, Machines and Cognition, and Theory and Practice).
The study plan is distributed over two semesters (one academic year) and has a double orientation: research and at the same time, application to the world of work.

Course begins on


Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 42
Optional 6
Master Thesis 12


Module Credits Type
Applied Aesthetics 6 OB
Applied Rationality 6 OB
Bioethics 6 OB
Design Science and Praxeology 6 OB
Digital Culture 6 OB
Education and Society 6 OB
Master's Degree Dissertation 12 OB
Politics 6 OB
Animal Ethics 6 OT*
Minds, Machines and Cognition 6 OT*
Philosophy of Gender 6 OT*

* Optional


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional

Discontinuation of courses

All optional subjects are not scheduled each year.

Additional information about the study plan