The master's degree in Educational Psychology equips its students to work as educational psychologists in formal educational contexts (educational and psychological guidance centres, specialist educational services, etc.) and in informal ones (public employment agencies, vocational training centres, educational and social foundations, etc.). 

Career options

Students of the master's degree in educational psychology are trained to work as psychologists in a wide range of formal or informal educational contexts.

Career options in formal contexts:

  • Educational psychology consultancies
  • Educational psychology guidance departments
  • Guidance services for university students
  • Specialised educational services: educational psychology guidance teams, guidance on language, interculturality and social cohesion.
  • Child development and children's healthcare centres
  • Residential and teaching centres
  • Centres for the disabled

Career options in informal contexts:

  • Public employment services
  • Public Administration information and guidance services (economic promotion, youth, immigration services, etc.)
  • Vocational training centres and training consultancies
  • Employment services
  • Special employment centres
  • Human resources consultancies and departments
  • Services for the disabled
  • Educational and social foundations
  • Publishing and media

Support tutorials

Plan de acción tutorial

Teaching timetable

Horario de Tarde.
de 17 a 21 h. 

Official UAB

40 places
Classroom-based learning
Credits: 60 ECTS credits
Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 23/04/2019
See the calendar
Pre-enrolment closed
Price: €46.11 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding a Spanish residence permit). 2018/19 Academic year.
€66 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold a Spanish residence permit). 2018/19 Academic year.
Course begins on 02/10/2018
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Language:Catalan (80%) and Spanish (20%).

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