University Master's Degree in Labour Economics

Interuniversity master's degree with international orientation offering theoretical and empirical training to analyze the different aspects of the labour market and the effects of labour policies

  • Inter-University
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Price: Check wit the coordinating university

Would you like to understand the evolution of the labour market? Worried about gender discrimination and wage gaps? This interuniversity master's degree will provide you with the theoretical training and quantitative tools needed to study the labour markets, understand their dynamics and analyse the policies affecting them.

The result of a joint collaboration by the UB, the UAB and the UdG, this master's degree in Labour Economics represents the alternative you were searching for to train as a specialist in the analysis of labour markets. The programme's lecturer are internationally renowned expert researchers who will take you to the frontiers of research and the practices of analysis applied to labour markets.

This master's degree is an excellent starting point for those interested in professionally working in both local and international public and private institutions, capable of analysing phenomena related to labour markets, as well as human resource departments in large international businesses.

It can also prepare you to continue onto a research career through a PhD programme.

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Coordinator university:

Universitat de Barcelona

Participating universities

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Universitat de Girona

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